Musing on "Coalition"

You may wonder, why "The Andy Swindell Coalition?"  Here's the answer (though not a short one).

I grew up listening to many kinds of music, and I've enjoyed it all!  AM radio. Dylan, Beatles, Stones!  Smokey Robinson!  Motown! The lyrics.  Stories.  Protests.  Love. Comedy.  What a great way to communicate ideas and emotions!  Listening to albums.  From start to finish.  I'm a child of the sixties, and that's what we do. 

I've been writing songs of all types for years.  It's my passion!  However, I have supported myself playing cover material.  It's been fun and I've met some great friends, but it's not why I got into music in the first place.   

Now that I'm in my sixties, it's important to me to be as creative as possible for the rest of the time that I'm given.  To record as much music as I can with as many friends as will have me.  As Chris Jennings so aptly put it, "Leaving a footprint in the sand." 

With that spirit, I approached Jeff Grimes (one of the most talented people I know) about recording together.  We'd played together for years in The Embers; but were, at that time, not in the band. The concept was to get a rhythm section together at his studio in Goldsboro to record my songs and have a bit of fun.  Keeping it simple.  Jason Patterson (drums) and Tuff Blanton (bass) rounded out the group.  We spent two days together and had lots of laughs.  

Those rhythm tracks are far from perfect.  We used no click, so the tempos breathe.  The guys didn't know the songs well, so whatever came out was it.  Instinct.  One or two takes, and I lived with whatever  happened.  Yet, those original tracks had such life!  And, most of Jeff's original rhythm guitar tracks are on the record.  Cool stuff just falls out of him!  And what a sax player! 

The aforementioned Chris (guitarist with The Fabulous Shakers) is a monster!  Check out his work on "Edge of the Knife!"  Donald Jordan, who played guitar with CWB, goes Merle on "Can't Take it With You."  Tuff, Jeff and I now play together in The Embers.  We all had the opportunity to stretch out more than we would playing cover material. 

Other friends helped out.  Alan Heckle played guitar on Super Sport.  Andy King, Barry Herndon, Susan Ogden and Ginger Thompson sang background vocals throughout. 

Time spent with all of these folks was a joy and a privilege to me.  Thus, the record is far from just me.  "Coalition" seemed about right. 

One member of the coalition that I've failed to mention is my wife, Tammy.  The poor girl had to listen to this mess over and over (did I mention "over?") again as I overdubbed, chopped, sang, mixed, moaned and groaned for a couple of years.  Being married to a musician is no easy task.  Yet, she loves me and gives me the freedom to be me.  I love her dearly, and thank God that He gave me the good sense to ask her to be my wife. 

I hope that you'll go to (or click on a the link on the Audio page) and get yourself a copy of the record.  It's comparably priced to buying a buddy a couple of beers.  Your support of these efforts will be greatly appreciated!

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